White screen in Production app for 3-4 Seconds

First of all, I would like to thanks for making expo.io. it really makes us productive to build great apps.

I have just build my first production ready app and uploaded it to beta testing, Facing some issues that is critical for prod release help will greatly appreciated.

SDK Version: 18.0.0

  1. App size is 45 MB for 10 screen app (ipa size 140MB).

  2. When started in both iPhone 5S and 6S the app shows 3-4 seconds white screen.

Link to video: https://goo.gl/photos/caH6iDKVQHvJBNao7

Hi! Glad you’ve had a good experience so far!

I can’t offer any immediate help on either of those topics, as they both simply represent improvements we need to build. More details:

  1. All CRNA apps on iOS are more or less the same size, which is the size of the Expo native SDK + React Native, so this is not related to the number of screens in your app. In the future we might add a way to opt-out of some areas of the Expo SDK for ExpoKit users, but unfortunately we don’t have time to put this on the near-term roadmap. The current App Store install size is 32.7MB on most devices. (TestFlight sizes are different.)

  2. We’d like to offer users more control over how the standalone app loads… having the white spinner is definitely not ideal, and we’re planning to build a way to custom brand this part of the loading experience. Many people have upvoted the topic on canny. This is something we’ll be working on near term, though I don’t have an exact timeline because it represents a fairly large project to do well.

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Thanks for quick reply, will look forward to have this feature.