iOS Build Stuck

My iOS build is stuck for a very long time and not proceeding, I am not able to start another build also. Previous Android build went fine. Not sure why its happening. I have the latest and greatest of expo. Please help:

same issue here, the status is still “Queued

Also, getting the same issue. Build status says “queued” for ios. turtle-status says “59 msgs” under “builds waiting in queue” box.

@ide @adamjnav

Hey everyone,

We experienced an issue with our builders running much slower than normal. Restarted them and now they are processing at expected speeds. We’re going to add a couple more builders to help get through the remaining queue quicker.

Sorry for the inconvenience!



@adamjnav thanks for the response. For the expo/turtle-status page, I noticed that I have to refresh the page twice in order to get the build status. Just a heads up :slight_smile:

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Here’s what helped me:

ps aux | grep exp

and kill all found processes

then start expo:

expo start -c

then Ctrl+C

and next build will work.

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