Ios Build on queue for a long time

I’m having trouble as well with iOS builds, they do not seem to start, even after a long time.

Is it possible to build it on my local machine?
Unfortunately, I don’t have time to wait x hours/days until my build will be finished. If I’d know about such problems in the future, I rather ejected my app when I had some time.

Anyway thanks, guys.

Hi! I also faced this problem with iOS build stuck in queue.

My build ID: 6aef9633-6ac8-4726-8611-024d228aaf3a

What should I do, can I stop it?

@skygate, @expowtf, @hedvig, @desarrollospyro, @freeall:

Try going to your project build dashboard and cancel your build, it should be (ie)


Thanks! Didn’t know this :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: Build completed after 1 hour.

I’ve been experiencing this for a couple of days now. Any updates?

Experienced this issue the week of 1/28/2018 but we’re now seeing builds complete. We had kicked off builds all week that were stuck “In Progress” and the logs showed the following:

running simulator build
extracting build configuration from app.json

Are there workarounds for this issue if it occurs in the future? These incidents make us question the viability of using expo in production.

@relishworks really sorry about that. Specifically, this error was caused by a regression from some refactoring of our build service. We definitely took too long to catch it this time, and we’re working on improved end-to-end testing of the standalone build service as well as better runtime monitoring so we can be alerted when rates of failed builds increase. Please email at if you have similar issues in the future.

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@dikaiosune Thanks so much for the reply, we appreciate you looking into it. Is this the same issue that was reported on the incidents page at

Thank you for the support email, we’ll definitely reach out if we encounter a production issue in the future.

@relishworks simulator builds were having issues unrelated to that incident and we resolved it as soon as we became aware of it. I don’t believe we posted an incident for it but we probably should have in retrospect!

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