iOS build error: Unable to resign IPA

Error occurs when starting iOS build and providing own certificates.

Command before error:

resigning IPA
Executing command: fastlane sigh resign --entitlements ...
Unable to resign IPA.
unable to build and sign IPA

Build ID: 9f7886ac-1f1b-4414-a9fc-da052ac6c67b

Is there any help I could get with that? I would appreciate any help.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi, can you make sure that on that your certs are distribution & and provisioning profile is also distribution and working.

Hi, @Edgar! Provisioning profile (type: iOS UniversalDistribution) is marked as active, push notification certificate is not expired, Push notifications are enabled (distribution and development) in our App ID and app distribution certificate is not expired as well. Is there anything else I could check to help you help me? :grin:


Hi, @edgar! Are there, by any chance, some other recommendations you might have? Thanks


Sorry for the delay, I am not entirely clear at the moment but for my working provisioning profiles, type says: iOS Distribution, not UniversalDistribution. Can you make one that is just iOS Distribution?

this is also happening to me. c3261928-f05c-4f09-b1b5-c04e29bf784d

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