iOS Background Location Repeatedly Sends http Requests

Hi, I have a pretty basic app with background geolocation enabled, and I ran into a weird thing during testing yesterday on iOS 11.4, iPhone 6. I turned on a background geolocation Task and it started calling the location update function hundreds of times per second no joke, even though the distance had not changed at all. I know on Android, they have:

  • timeInterval ( number ) – Minimum time to wait between each update in milliseconds. Default value depends on accuracy option. ( Android only )

But is there any way to prevent this from happening on iOS? It’s bad for users’ phones, and it’s also bad for my endpoint.

Here are my settings when calling the background function:
accuracy: Location.Accuracy.Highest,
timeInterval: 30000,
distanceInterval: 1,
pausesUpdatesAutomatically: true,
activityType: Location.ActivityType.OtherNavigation

I used to have deferredUpdatesInterval enabled but I took it off while testing because I thought it was causing my phone not to update at all during testing (although this wasn’t verified at all)

Thank You!