Does startLocationUpdatesAsync kill battery?

On iOS on managed sdk 38, I’m getting complaints from users of my app that the app is eating a lot of battery and these users have maybe used the app for 5 minutes. It likely has to do with them having “Always” on the background location task since it’s the only thing happening when the app is not foregrounded.

Here are my settings:

   Location.startLocationUpdatesAsync(backgroundLocationUpdateTaskName, {
      // Lowest = 3KM, Low = 1 KM, Balanced = 100M, High = 10M, Highest = 1M
      // We use High, which is accurate to within 10m, should be enough for this app, since we don't do maps.
      accuracy: Location.Accuracy.High,
      timeInterval: 60000,
      distanceInterval: 30,

I’m not quite sure what iOS settings to change so that it doesn’t eat up battery. timeInterval is an Android-only setting. Accuracy I need to be 10 meters. distanceInterval I can make larger than 30 but will it actually move the needle?

Has anyone else encountered this?

SDK: Managed 38.0

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