Error from 19.0

I tried to change my app to expo version 19 (“sdkVersion”: “19.0.0” in app.json), but now get this error

There was an error caching assets (see: main.js), perhaps due to a network timeout, so we skipped caching. Reload the app to try again.

Invalid FileSystem URI ‘ExponentAsset-c1415a02542701de24d06407fe90ca59.png’, make sure it’s in the app’s scope.

I’ll stay with version 18.0.0 until this gets worked out. Anybody know why I get this error?

Did you follow the steps which is written under the “Upgrading Your App”?

Also, try removing the package.lock and yarn.lock files, and then re-run “yarn” on your terminal. I prefer yarn.

Note: I am still new, so please follow the instruction on the above at your own risk!

Thanks…I’ll do that.

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