Invalid AppDelegate when configuring EAS Build

expo-cli: 4.13.0
expo: ^41.0.0 => 41.0.1
react: 16.13.1 => 16.13.1
Expo Workflow: managed
Android Studio: 4.0 AI-193.6911.18.40.6514223
Xcode: 12.4/12D4e - /usr/bin/xcodebuild

I’m trying to move from the classic “expo build” to EAS Build for the first time and following the steps from Expo guide.

I first run eas build:configure and the eas.json file gets added correctly to my root however I get warnings such as if my app was under “bare workflow”

Specifying "ios.bundleIdentifier" in app.json is deprecated for bare workflow projects.
EAS Build depends only on the value in the native code. Please remove the deprecated configuration.

Why do I need to remove it when I clearly needed?

    UnexpectedError: Could not locate a valid AppDelegate at root: 
    "/Users/maxaquilino/Courses/React Native/cocktail"

Again, shall I ignore it as it seems not to be related to managed workflow?


Hi @maxaquilino

It sounds as if you have an ios subdirectory in your app’s root directory. For a managed app you should not have that (or android).

If your app builds and works correctly with expo build then you should be able to get rid of the ios and android directories before trying to build with eas build.

If you did run e.g. expo run:ios previously it would also have added some extra stuff to your dependencies in package.json, so you might want to create a new app and then compare the package.json etc. with your real app to see if there are any dependencies you don’t need in a managed app.

Hi @wodin

Thanks for your reply!

I don’t have a ios or an android subdirectory. My app has been running as managed for over a year without ever ejecting.

Prior to eas build:configure I moved to SDK41 from SDK40 and fixed a few broken dependencies. Tested the app on Expo Client and worked all fine.

I did an expo build and app works ok!
When I try to run as eas build it gives me different types of errors for ios and android and not sure if this is related to this warning.

Example: Bug-ish: EAS doesn't see virgin iOS scheme - #8 by maxaquilino

This is my directory and eas.json as created

Hi @wodin

Found the problem. The folder Mishela was installed by XCode at some point, by removing I no longer get that error.


Weird. Glad you sorted it out.

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