Implementation of caching.


I am working on building an app which will display post of users.Each post can contain images and videos and size limit for a post is 20 MB.
I am using Flatlist to display list of post and i display 50 post at a time with pagination on scrollend.
With normal implementaion UI had lot of scrolling issue as images and videos were loaded from external url.
So i implemented caching mechanism by using Filesystem method which actually downloads and caches data on device and it eventually solved scrolling issue.

So my question if each post is of 20MB, how would i cache such huge data on device as it would increase device storage size drastically if there are 100-200 post.

Can anyone please suggest me some efficient way of caching and displaying such data’s on UI with efficient scrolling as i am pretty sure there would be more data as users of my app increases.

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