Image cache storage issue

I’m creating an app that among other things loads hundreds of images through an API.
It’s using Flatlist and the standard <Image source={{uri: …}} /> tag to display them and everything works great perfomance wise.

After running expo:build android and installing it on my device, I notice a storage issue

When I’ve scrolled through a couple hundred images and then go to check app information in settings, the cache and data size have increased a lot.
Instead of using the expected 50mb, it has increased to around 200mb in size total.
This data also seem to persist after restarting the app.

Is there some kind of hidden image caching going on? I can’t find any information about it in Expo and React-Native documentation.

I’m worried that there is no limitation in play here and that the end user will end up having an app that takes up several GB’s.

I’m new to Expo, React-Native and app-development in general.

Any help appreciated!

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