ImagePicker Reducing the size of an image on Android

Recently I noticed while using the ImagePicker that the dimensions of the image change on Android even tho I don’t have any of the options that manipulate the image on. For iOS it returns the dimensions correctly without resizing it. Is this an issue with the ImagePicker for android on Expo? Also is there another workaround for this issue?

here is the code I was using

    let result = await ImagePicker.launchImageLibraryAsync({
      mediaTypes: "All",
      exif: true,
      quality: 1

This is the object I receive from the picker

Object {
  "cancelled": false,
   "exif": Object {
     "ImageLength": 4032,
     "ImageWidth": 2268,
     "LightSource": 0,
     "Orientation": 0,
   "height": 2016,
   "type": "image",
   "uri": "imageURI.jpg",
   "width": 1134,

So I found out that the max value for height and width so that the image doesn’t get reduced when it’s picked is 2000 x 2000. Anything above that ends up having the dimensions reduced only for Android.

Hey @shorookoptimizekw,

Would you mind creating a github issue for this?


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