Image picker returned image height and width units

Actually I am using ImagePicker SDK of expo. I went through the documentation but was unable to find out the height and width of the image returned by ImagePicker.Can any one please help me with this?

Hey @clearviewsocial,

Can you create a Snack ( with your code so I can take a look and see if anything is incorrect?



Actually I have created a function which returns an object containing the details about the image.
Here is the function which I call when pic is clicked from camera:

 * To launch camera and take photo.
export const takePhoto = async () => {
    return ImagePicker.launchCameraAsync({
        allowsEditing: true,
        quality: 0.2,
        aspect: [4, 3]

And this is the function through which I am calling the above function:

 _onImageCropSelect = async (option: string) => {
        try {
            const selectedOption = await this._checkPermissions(option);
            const options = {
                camera: takePhoto,
                camera_roll: pickImage
            const pickerResult = options[selectedOption] && (await options[selectedOption]());
            if (pickerResult && !pickerResult.cancelled) {
                if (pickerResult.width >= 600 || pickerResult.height >= 600) {
                    this.setState({ imageSettingsOpen: true });
                } else {
        } catch (e) {
            //TODO: Do something if permission denied

Actually everything is perfect the only thing I want to know is that the returned object contains height and width. What are the units of that?

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