ImagePicker launchImageLibraryAsync not working in android standalone build

Hi Expo,
I can’t able to pick image from the android device via standalone apk build. It is working in standalone ios and open app via expo.
Here is the code:

 _pickImage = async () => {
        let result = await ImagePicker.launchImageLibraryAsync({
            allowsEditing: true,
            aspect: [4, 3],
        // console.log(result)
        if (!result.cancelled) {
                ImageSource: result.uri,
                isImageChanges: true

I also gave the permissions to read internal and external storage in app.json.

 "permissions": [

Please help!

@brightspot can you show us what is on your adb device logs?

Hi, I installed via direct apk. Not used the adb comment.

But anyway, I found the solution here:

Thank you for you response.