If I detach my app and use the expo kit, will assets still be hosted by expo?

I’m a little confused about asset hosting and the whole react native ecosystem, including expo and CRNA (create-react-native-app). My goal is to privately host my own assets - I don’t want to be dependent on expo for that. By detaching - will I accomplish this? Or do I need to eject my app completely? If I do eject from expo , is it even worth using the CRNA , or will I come up against the same issue? Should I just be using the react-native cli to accomplish what I want? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

You can always host your own assets! – just put them somewhere on the web and refer them to by URL.

Just as an FYI –

We only provide Expo hosting of assets to make life easier for people but don’t want to force anyone to do that. The other convenience you get from Expo is that, if you build an IPA/APK and use Expo’s build service, a snapshot of your assets will be bundled into your IPA/APK at the time of creating that IPA/APK, which means that they can be accessed offline on first load (and don’t need to be loaded over the network in general).

So, if you’re mostly focused on building an IPA/APK for the app stores, and you only want to use assets that you know at the time you are building the app for the stores, you could use Expo’s asset system and it wouldn’t actually end up relying on Expo’s hosting at all – it would just grab them from the bundle.

Hope that helps.

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