I am trying to build my application(used aws Amplify) using Eas build and Hermes but it is failing.



I was trying to build my application using EAS and Hermes, but upon running the build, I am getting,
"Error: Unable to resolve module ./src/aws-exports from /build/workingdir/build/App.js: "
FYI, aws-exports holds all the credentials for the aws amplify configured in the app.

What Should i do in order to resolve this issue?

you probably don’t commit aws-exports to git

Yes, but i need to include the aws credentials in the App build, right? How am I going to handle that?

Also, If I remove aws-exports from git.ignore then can there be any security issues as this file contains all sensitive credentials.

either add it to git or use secrets Environment variables and secrets - Expo Documentation - or however else you would prefer to do this on another ci service.

I’ve never used AWS Amplify, so don’t necessarily take my word for this :sweat_smile: but I think the following might answer your question:


But I think it would still be better to use secrets as suggested by @notbrent.

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