Gotchas (and missing documentation) for using AWS Amplify with EAS Build

Starting with a working Expo app (using DataStore), and following the simple steps outlined in the AWS documentation, to add Authentication with

amplify add auth
amplify push

and the basic boilerplate of

import { withAuthenticator } from 'aws-amplify-react-native'

I get a “variety pack” of errors suddenly:

  1. In my IDE the import is flagged with
    S7016: Could not find a declaration file for module 'aws-amplify-react-native'.
  2. Bundling as part of expo start --dev-client fails with
    Logs for your project will appear below. Press Ctrl+C to exit.
    jest-haste-map: Haste module naming collision: learning600433b2PostConfirmation
      The following files share their name; please adjust your hasteImpl:
        * <rootDir>/amplify/#current-cloud-backend/function/learning600433b2PostConfirmation/src/package.json
        * <rootDir>/amplify/backend/function/learning600433b2PostConfirmation/src/package.json
    Failed to construct transformer:  DuplicateError: Duplicated files or mocks. Please check the console for more info
    Error: Duplicated files or mocks. Please check the console for more info
    ⠋ Stopping ...
    RuntimeError: abort(Error: Duplicated files or mocks. Please check the console for more info). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.
  3. And once that’s fixed (see below) I every time I run with expo start --dev-client I get:
    [Unhandled promise rejection: Error: No credentials, applicationId or region]
    at node_modules/@aws-amplify/analytics/lib-esm/Providers/AWSPinpointProvider.js:176:66 in __generator$argument_1
    at node_modules/@aws-sdk/client-pinpoint/node_modules/tslib/tslib.js:144:21 in step
    at node_modules/@aws-sdk/client-pinpoint/node_modules/tslib/tslib.js:125:60 in <anonymous>
    at node_modules/@aws-sdk/client-pinpoint/node_modules/tslib/tslib.js:115:51 in fulfilled

I can fix

  1. by ignoring the warning,
  2. by adding
    resolver: { blacklistRE: /#current-cloud-backend\/.*/ }
    to the module.exports in metro-config.js, and
  3. by adding
    Analytics: { disabled: true }
    to the configuration I supply to Amplify.configure when I start my app.

My question is: How was I supposed to know all this? Where is it documented? What other undocumented (and time consuming) surprises lurk in the murky swamps of AWS Amplify —

OK, that’s more of a rant than a question, sorry.

My question is: Where is the documentation for using AWS Amplify with Expo? Is there a single document I’m missing that describes these (and other) required steps?