How to use thermal printer

İ have a big problem for thermal printer , i want to use Ethernet lan thermal printer and its accept data form socket, how can i use socket for only send data

I’m not aware of a way to send raw TCP/IP data from an Expo app to another device on a LAN (surely with bare RN you could find a way). I’d recommend setting up a web server with a REST API endpoint that will contact the printer. It’s a lot easier to work with sockets from Node or PHP or C# or whatever you write API’s in than it is React Native. I’ve worked with such printers before (way back when we were interfacing with them via Windows Mobile PDA’s!) and this was how we did it. It was relatively easy to find documentation for working with the printers in this manner, as well.

hey, is there any solution for using thermal printer(Ethernet) to print with Expo-print ??

I doubt it would be pratical- expo-print uses AirPrint, and thermal printers are not necessarily going to AirPrint compatible. Plus, expo-print takes PDF or HTML, while many thermal printers will use markup languages like ZPL.