Expo and bluetooth thermal printer

Hi, i want to print some document with bluetooth thermal printer (escpos bluetooth) how can i do it ?

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EDIT: When I originally wrote this comment the options were to use the old managed workflow (compatible with Expo Go. No native code unless it’s included in the Expo SDK) or eject to the bare workflow. These days we have EAS which allows you to install extra native code and still use the managed workflow, except that instead of using Expo Go, you need to create a development build.

I still haven’t tried either of the packages mentioned below, but they look like the might work out of the box as long as you build with EAS Build. react-native-thermal-receipt-printer seems to be incompatible with Flipper, though.

Original comment below:

I think this might not be possible when using the Managed workflow.
If you eject, I see that there are some libraries that you should be able to use. I have not tried them.

In your mobile device, go to Settings > Bluetooth, and turn the ‘Bluetooth’ on. A Bluetooth device search will begin, and you will see your printer on the list. Push the ‘Pair’ button on your printer. On your mobile device, choose your printer’s model from the list of ‘Devices’.

Did you do that? can you explain if you did it.

I would try react-native-thermal-receipt-printer. It looks to me like it should work without the need of a Config Plugin. You will just need to create a development build to use instead of Expo Go.

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