how to use tesseract in Expo for OCR detection ?

I working on building build an App that uses the camera to capture the image and using tesseract perform OCR?
I am getting path error for Tesseract

Hi @kyadakru

You should provide more info about what you’ve tried and the exact error message. But basically, Tesseract is native code, so you will either need to eject, or else you will need to use EAS Build. It is not possible to use Tesseract in the Expo Go app or in an app that you build using expo build.

Note: If you use EAS Build, you can build on your own machine as long as you have Android Studio (for Android apps) and Xcode (for iOS apps) installed. This is free. Otherwise, you can sign up for Expo’s “priority” plan and use their build servers to build the app. Also, the Expo team said that they are planning to have a free tier for the EAS Build build service, similar to what they have for the “classic” expo build build service.

I did get react-native-tesseract-ocr working with a patch. (I only tried it on Android so far). I haven’t looked at this code in a couple of months, so I’ve only just remembered the patch. I think that might be what you’re actually looking for. Have a look at my code here. The patch is in the patches directory, and I use patch-package to apply it.

You might also want to try using react-native-vision-camera's Frame Processors along with Tesseract.