How to set up connection to FeathresJS server from Expo app that use MobX

Is there any Expo-Feathers-MobX boilerplate? All I can find is boilerplates and projects based on react-native-cli which I couldn’t get them to work on my machine.

I’m trying to use FeathersJS server socket as my back-end server for my Expo app but I could not get it to connect. It’s hard to sum all the attempts that I tried so I’m asking for a boilerplate, a guide or a tutorial please.


I would recommend leaving MobX out of the equation for the moment. Did you try the React Native boilerplate on the Feathers home page? It looks like FeathersJS doesn’t have any special native dependencies, so it should install in an Expo app just like any other JS-only framework. I’d recommend copying their code example as-is into App.js, just to see if you can get a console message to show when adding a record.