How to move from NodeJS to React Native/Expo (Buffer, Crypto, BigInt, etc.)?

Hi all,

I admit it, I have been developing web applications with NodeJS for 20 years. Now I need to create a basic mobile app for Android and iOS and thought that React Native would be the right way, with Expo and Snack the right tools.

I have to admit that I am very surprised that a variety of basic NodeJS things just do not seem to work in Expo (Snack), like

  • Buffer
  • Crypto
  • BigInt

Maybe I just started with the wrong expectations. Then I thought there would be an easy trick to just enable “advanced” JavaScript features, but a lot of my research turned out without a solution. So I spent hours over hours to find a way, but was so far unsuccessful.

Here are my questions:

  1. How to enable standard npm libraries with “advanced” JS requirements in Expo?
  2. Is this also possible with Expo Snack? (Or do I need to download and continue locally?)