How to set static App URLs for Expo GO updates?

So when running app through Expo Go, I noticed every time I build the app & push an update, Expo generates a new app URL in this format for each platform
In the example of the screenshot below, the app URL would be:

  • Android: exp://
  • iOS: exp://

>>> Question is: Is there a way to configure those URLs so they remain the same for the LATEST update for each platform? <<<

P.S. The reason is because when using web authentication flow provided by expo-auth-session, we need to whitelist all valid callback URLs. And without a static URL, we have to manually update this whitelist every time we push & update a new build to Expo, which is not scalable.

SDK Version: 48

Has any one even read this? Paid customer getting no support at all :frowning:

Hi @shan.du

You can send a message to them at Contact Us — Expo

See also: Support Terms — Expo

Ahhh, I see, good call, I shall try send an email then

thank you sir! :slight_smile:

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