How to send/display different notification icons for different users?

I am trying to make it similar to this. I would appreciate any help and suggestions.

Hey @bayramn

It seems for now we can only do this for android

I have the feeling it’s a new feature with iOS 16, will probably land in the future releases of the Expo SDK

Hey @flexbox, thanks for quick response. Yeah, realized it is indeed iOS 16 feature after posting. What really intrigues me is after updating to iOS 16, all of sudden all messaging apps’ notifications turned it into with avatar of user and mini icon of app under the corner without being updated to newer versions. How is that even possible? Apple is genius.

It feels like this feature didn’t even need to be implemented and started work on its own. My new question how can I send notifications similar to messaging apps Whatsapp, Telegram, Fiverr so that my app notifications starts include avatars?