APK file size after upgrading is HUGE

Android/Sdk 35 question:

After I upgraded to latest sdk 35, the APK went from 15MB TO 50MB.

I understand this is related to 64bit support.

I don’t distribute my App through Google Play.

Is is possible for me to use 32 bit APK still ?

How do I build so I can just get 32 bit app ? Or separate 32 and 64 bit apps ?


Hi, you can build app bundle with expo build:android -t app-bundle and then generate apk for specific platforms with https://developer.android.com/studio/command-line/bundletool

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Thank you :blush:

Unfortunately this doesn’t resolve this issue.

I’ve upgraded from sdk 33 to 35 and app bundle size as well as ipa size nearly doubled!

App bundle is large, but actual download size from play store is significantly smaller.

No, this does affect the actual download size unfortunately. Went from around 12 mb to 23 mb.

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Same problem since I upgraded to SDK 35 my app goes from 14mb to 25mb

Unfortunately, it looks like the download size increased because expo now packages tensorflow files for FaceDetector (which had been forgotten in sdk34), so it’s unlikely that the managed workflow will see reduced build sizes (as it includes all features of expo)

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I think you have to eject to bare workflow to remove dependencies.

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