How to Logout From Facebook

i used ```

I didin't find a function to logout.

Hey @chiteni,

The logInWithReadPermissionsAsync method is just used to provide a facebook token that gives you access to information via the Facebook API. You handle the log out logic on your own with whatever auth system you have in place.



Dear @adamjnav,
thank you for your reply.
i am new with react native, and i am using Expo because it helps me a lot.
I followed the instructions to Login using facebook and google.
I don’t know how to log out using any Auth system. can you please provide me with one. Please take not that i don’t want to Eject from Expo.

Dear @adamjnav
i found a solution, in order not to detach from Expo.
In order to logout from Expo.Facebook.logInWithReadPermissionsAsync
send a fetch with delete tp graphApi
var lParams= access_token=${token};
method : ‘DELETE’,
body: lParams

instead of User_id put the one that it comes from facebook you can get it
const response = await fetch(,name,first_name,last_name,middle_name,picture,email&access_token=${token});
console.log("response " );

It took from me too much time. But at the end i did it.
Thank you again


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