How to logout after login with Expo.Facebook.logInWithReadPermissionsAsync

This code example in official documentation explains how to login but I am also looking for a method by which I can logout also, is there any method by which I can logout:

//from official documentation
async function logIn() {
const { type, token } = await Expo.Facebook.logInWithReadPermissionsAsync(‘<APP_ID>’, {
permissions: [‘public_profile’],
if (type === ‘success’) {
// Get the user’s name using Facebook’s Graph API
const response = await fetch(${token});
‘Logged in!’,
Hi ${(await response.json()).name}!,

I have this same question. @rahulkant13may, did you ever figure it out?


Even I have this doubt, can you please update?

The token you get back can be used for Facebook-related operations till it times out, even if you save it with, say, AsyncStorage. To not do Facebook-related operations with that user, just don’t use the token. What you’re getting at is probably just forgetting the token – so you could delete it from however you’re storing it in your app. There is no explicit ‘logout’.