How to install the Expo Client IPA on Appetize or Browserstack?

To do live testing of my app on multiple iOS devices, I want to use Appetize or Browserstack. I’d like to load Expo Client (not my own app, rather the client that is available on the App Store) by uploading the IPA.

However, I can’t get the IPA link for Expo Client on Get Expo Tools — Expo to work. It downloads a .tar.gz, which I assume is an .app, but if I try to package it as an IPA (rename to .app, put in folder called Payload, zip and rename to IPA), Browserstack won’t accept the IPA.

Is there an IPA that I can use that would work with Browserstack? The APK works but I’d like to test with iOS.


Hey, did you find a way around this? I’m having the same issue

We are having the same problem