How to increase the speed of data retrieval on the apps?

Since im putting so much effort into this.

I don’t want my app to suck (slow retrieval of data)

I’ll give you an example if you compare two apps like Okc/ Facebook VS Pof

In pof it feels like the you submitted a form request and it keeps on showing the loading screen even after you’ve moved to the different view.

What is the culprit here ?

  1. Bad backend language decision ?
  2. not enough servers working ?
  3. db problems ?
  4. bad front end coding ?

hey @harryp!

Often times when we read blog posts or use technology for the first time, we get a sense that there are common bottlenecks in performance. But the truth is, there are many factors at play, and without looking at the whole picture its tough to prescribe exactly why data retrieval is suffering. In that regard, any of the 4 things you mentioned could be the problem. And there are many other ways for data retrieval to be slow. Example: Internet connection.

One way to build applications that make requests and handle responses quickly from a server is to have a deeper understanding of the technology you are using.