How to get value of the picker and insert into flatlist

I am using React-Native , and want to get the value of selected item of Picker and and add it to FlatList This is my Picker

 const [selectedValue, setSelectedValue] = useState('');
          style={{ height: 50, width: 150 }}
          onValueChange={(itemValue, itemIndex) => setSelectedValue(itemValue)}
          <Picker.Item label="Food" value="java" />
          <Picker.Item label="Transport" value="transport" />
          <Picker.Item label="Rent" value="js" />
          <Picker.Item label="Other" value="other" />

this is my Flatlist and Button OnPress which should add this value into Flatlist

          title="Add me"
          accessibilityLabel="Learn more about this purple button"
          renderItem={({ item }) => (<Text style = {styles.item}> {}</Text>)}
          keyExtractor={(item, index) => index.toString()}  
           /> is value that i am getting from my Text INPUT, also i want to add Picker value, but couldnot solve with Picker