Problem with Picker in android (text of the selected item)

Hi how are you? I am having a problem with the picker (only in android). In Iphone, i dont have any problem.
When i select an item, in android doesn’t update the text in the combobox (but the object is selected ok).
I attach the code:
<View style={[Styles.PickerSelect, { width: “70%” }]}>








                      {this.state.articulos == null

                        ? null

                        :, i) => {

                            return (










I attach the photo of the example:
In 1- When i enter to the section, i have the picker with this text and value.
In 2- I select the picker, and i select another item (for example “ORUJO DE UVAS BLANCAS”)
In 3- In android, the text isn’t be updated. But the object is the selected…


I repeat, in ios i dont have this problem.

  • Expo SDK: 36.0.0


@Hi @calejandro_ateitis5, I’m fine, and you?

import { Picker } from "react-native" is deprecated, you should use @react-native-community/picker, if you aren’t already.

Knowing this, could you post some more code about what imports are you using?
version of: @react-native-community/picker
version of: expo

If you can, create an snack here:
This way we can help you more.

Edit: created this for you start:

Hi Victor, thank you for your help!
I am using this import:
import { Icon, Picker, CheckBox } from “native-base”;

Perhaps …is it the problem?

I attach the versions:
“native-base”: “^2.13.8”,
“expo”: “~36.0.0”,

Thank you very much!

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