How to get image data from Camera

I am new on Expo and trying to get image data from takePictureAsync() function
but I am getting only uri when I call that function.
I saw Expo Camera document, but not sure how I can use base64 argument.

Object {
“height”: 1920,
“uri”: “file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/4E5695E9-31C1-4862-8787->
“width”: 1080,

here is codechip I did>{

please help me asap.

you need to pass the base64 option to takePictureAsync to get the image data back as base64.

yes, just solved it.
thanks for your reply.
one more another question.
can I send base64 data to google cloud vision api?


here is an example of doing that.