Convert Captured Image to base64 in React-Native(Expo)

I am new to React-Native(Expo). I want to take Image Capture, convert it to base64 and save it to state.

My code is like this:

return (
        <View style={{ flex: 1 }}>
          <Camera  style={{ flex: 1 }} type={this.state.type}>
                flex: 1,
                backgroundColor: 'transparent',
                flexDirection: 'row',
                  flex: 0.1,
                  alignSelf: 'flex-end',
                  alignItems: 'center',
                onPress={() => {
                    base64: true,
                  }).then(data => {
                <Text  style={{color: 'white' }}>

It says takePictureAsync() is not a function. Screenshot of my error is:

Does anyone have an idea about what is the problem? How can I Capture Image and save its base64 to state?

takePictureAsync is an instance method, so you should be calling it on your Camera ref, not Camera module itself. I.e. you’d want to do something like

// ...
<Camera ref={ref => { = ref; }} />
// ...
onPress={async () => {
  if ( {
    let photo = await;

See docs at for more info

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