How to generate IPA or APK after detach expo

I have recently detach the expo and runs the expo-kit and i build my android project with android studio that runs successfully on android but i want to generate signed apk for playstore and as we know exp build:android will no longer supported after detaching expo so when i trying to build apk with android studio it produces four different files or 4 different apk’s that i tried to install on my device but these apk’s not installing in my phone.Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong?
And the other thing is how can i find my keystore file and password alias and key password for signed apk?20%20AM

Hi @mghazanfar89!

If you wish to generate a signed APK for Play Store in Android Studio, I think you should use the Build > Generate Signed APK… tool.

The dialog that will open will require you to provide the keystore. Actually, you can download the keystore used by Expo when signing your app! In your project’s directory execute the exp fetch:android:keystore, it will

Fetch this project’s Android keystore. Writes keystore to PROJECT_DIR/PROJECT_NAME.jks and prints passwords to stdout.

Then, at the last step, choose release as build type and prodMinSdk-prodKernel as the flavor of the build. :slightly_smiling_face:

APK that Android Studio will produce should be installable on the device.


Thanks @sjchmiela i will try this.
I want to ask another question i generates an apk and install on device but this apk still pointing my ip or localhost JS code as this apk needs to point out my build js code but when i opens up this apk this stills pointing the expo server and showing expo blue screen that says you are not connected to server.

If this happened for one of the APKs you’ve shown in the first post, it’s probably that the build type being debug (see names of the APKs app-…-debug.apk) instructed app to use development server. Changing build type to release should fix this bug, I think. :slightly_smiling_face:

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