How to find and use expo

I’ve downloaded and installed expo. I assume it worked correctly because it my message says “expo-cli@2.16.1 added 113 packages…”

Now, how do I find expo on my computer? How do I open or start a project using Expo?


Thanks for the reply. I’m am following instructions for a class and it says “Now you have everything installed that you need to run the app! Open the Expo XDE app and click the Open existing project... button.” I see from the instruction page that I use expo init to start a new project, but how do I open an existing one?

Download the expo app. go to your expo project directory and type expo start. Scan the QR code from your browser and run the app. You can also create a snack and open it with the expo app.

Thanks. I was able to figure out how to start a new app as you described. But for the project that I am trying to open for a class I get an error message “25.0.0 is not a valid SDK version”. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Expo on my phone. But I still get the message. I’m guessing that the project that I am trying to run was created with a version that Expo no longer supports. But I’m not sure. Do you have any other thoughts about how I can fix my issue.
Thanks so much for the help!

yup. Expo supports from SDK 26. upgrade your project to 26 to get it running. Updating to the latest (SDK 32) will perhaps need some code adjustment.

OK. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me. Much appreciated.

You’re welcome. were you able to run the project? You can follow the update instructions to SDK 26 via the link I sent you: chapter: Upgrading Your App.