how to create DEBUG apk without dev client?

in eas.json i have this profile

"debug": {
            "distribution": "internal",
            "android": {
                "gradleCommand": ":app:assembleDebug"
            "ios": {
                "buildConfiguration": "Debug"

Then i build ios version - it not contains dev client, but builded apk version contains dev client. Is it possible to build DEBUG apk without dev client?

what is your use case? the app will not be useful - it will attempt to load from the local bundler that doesn’t exist, and it won’t let you pick another bundler url.

you can remove the expo-dev-client package if you want to though

The third-party library works without requiring a license only if the application is built in DEBUG mode(for try it before buy). In this case, DEBUG mode refers specifically to the native side of the application. Therefore, the goal is to build the application in DEBUG mode so that, in terms of the JS part, it works like a regular build for the store.