Is it possible to create a development build without using expo-dev-client?

First post so please bear with me :slight_smile:

I have a bare (old) react-native project which builds, deploys and runs fine on my real iOS device, when the buildConfiguration for my ios scheme is set to Release.

It also builds and deploys fine when setting the buildConfiguration to Debug (or by setting the name of a scheme where the buildConfiguration is set to Debug), however, on launching on my real device, the App hangs for 20 seconds and then is terminated (as expected) by the OS for taking too long to launch.

If I click “Run” in XCode using the exact same scheme, the App builds and deploys to my device and immediately connects to my local Metro server and I can develop locally as normal.

Am I grossly misunderstanding development builds created by EAS, in that they MUST have the eas-dev-client installed?



PS I admit this is a little vague for my first post so if you need any more information I’ll try and provide it!