How to change App Display Name in Managed app after publishing to app stores?

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  1. SDK Version: 41
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android/iOS
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We have an Expo managed app. Initially we’ve set to Bridge - Debit Card in app.json file. We successfully released it into both stores - AppStore and Google Play.

But later we noticed that app display name (the app name on device desktop right under the app icon) looks clumsy. It looks like BridgeDe... on iOS.

So, what we did. We changed to simply Bridge, rebuilt the standalone app and posted new binaries into both app stores again.

Google Play just ate new binaries without any problems, the new short app name appeared on Android devices.

But we can’t pass Apple verification during uploading .ipa file. We use Transporter app on Mac. It shows an error:
ITMS-90129: The bundle uses a bundle name or display name that is already taken.
But we have no apps with such name in AppStore.

We tried to return to old value Bridge - Debit Card and add CFBundleDisplayName and later CFBundleName with Bridge value into expo.ios.infoPlist, but no luck: app released in AppStore just fine (verification passed with old, but has a long and truncated name under app icon.

Could someone suggest a solution how to achieve our goal: have shorten app name on device desktop and longer name at AppStore listings? Important note that our apps already published.

I will appreciate any help, any idea!

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