Cant change Detached app name

Hi I want to change the app name , I have created the the app using expo XDE, and I choose the name in small letters, now I want to change to capitalise letter, I have reattached the app, deleted android, and iOS folders, installed exposit, and change the app.json name to new name, the slug is same as original app name, changed the package.json name but . when I generate the signed APK the app code is not updated, cannot see the assets, only app icon and splash is correct but the rest is not correct.

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Hi, @muhabutt , can u post your app.json content?

About detaching, when you do it, expo no longer modify some things on your app, and you need to do it by yourself.

AppName is at: android/app/src/mais/res/values/string.xml
Some Splash Screen Configs are at: android/app/src/mais/res/drawable/splash_background.xml

Apk version and versionCode at android/app/build.gradle

I hope i’ve helped you.

“expo”: {
“name”: “Myapplication”,
“description”: “Some description”,
“slug”: “myapplication”,
“privacy”: “public”,
“sdkVersion”: “29.0.0”,
“platforms”: [
“version”: “2.1.0”,
“orientation”: “default”,
“icon”: “./assets/icon.png”,
“splash”: {
“image”: “./assets/splash.png”,
“resizeMode”: “contain”,
“backgroundColor”: “#00b1a0
“updates”: {
“fallbackToCacheTimeout”: 0
“assetBundlePatterns”: [
“ios”: {
“bundleIdentifier”: “com.myapplication.muha”,
“supportsTablet”: true,
“publishBundlePath”: “ios/mazhr/Supporting/shell-app.bundle”,
“publishManifestPath”: “ios/mazhr/Supporting/shell-app-manifest.json”
“android”: {
“package”: “com.myapplication.muha”,
“publishBundlePath”: “android/app/src/main/assets/shell-app.bundle”,
“publishManifestPath”: “android/app/src/main/assets/shell-app-manifest.json”
“scheme”: “myapplication”,
“isDetached”: true,
“detach”: {
“iosExpoViewUrl”: “”,
“androidExpoViewUrl”: “

What is the correct way to publish the expokit project.

  1. make changes let say i change the version, and name and some code. update name and version in app.json, and in build.gradle.
  2. clean project
  3. rebuild
  4. generate signed apk
    5 publish

is this the correct way to publish changes

hi, and also would like to know , everytime i publish the app to expo for production release do i have to change the version in app.json and build.gradle

One potential gotcha to be aware of is that it appears that the name of the Xcode project is based on the name in app.json, so, if you change the name in app.json, one of Expo’s custom build scripts fails because it can’t derive the name of the ios/[project-name] folder. I’ve seen no such issue on the Android side of things. In short, when you change your app’s name, you may want to avoid changing it in app.json (whose name field no longer matters much when you detach, as its really based on the Android strings and Info.plist).

You need to publish before Build

I have a post explain this here:

and here

Hi ,
I have fixed the issue, by deleting the project from expo, and uploading it with new name in app.json, and new version. the gotcha is if you upload the new name with old slug and old version. than problem comes. but its working fine Thanks for your guidance.

i also would like to know that. let say you update some codes and publish the project, do i have to generate new signed apk , upload that to google play store. Because yesterday i have created new screens and publuished them to expo, and when i open the app on my android mobile the is app updated.

so i have upload the app once to the play store and than just need to publish the updated to the expo. am i correct.

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