Help with expo SDK update

Hey guys,

I’m trying to update my expo SDK and getting errors.

The steps I followed are…

Changed “sdkVersion”: “23.0.0”, in app.json
deleted node modules folder
removed expo from package.josn then did an npm install --save expo
ran npm install
cleared cache in expo XDE

When I try and run the app I get the error that gesturehandler.js does not exist and react warns me to clear watchmen files. How do I get around this?


Problem solved :smiley:
it was the version of react-native

I did an npm uninstall react-native then npm install --save react-native and it updated to the correct version.

My old project was running on a version from the expo github because of some earlier bug.

@dekm almost! I would recommend sticking to our expo cuts of ReactNative:

like so (in package.json)

    "react-native": "",