HELP NEEDED exp build:ios & exp android both failed

Hi. I really need you guys’ help.

I tried multiple times to build our app but no success. Already published it successfully.
But I cannot seem to get it to build. The error logs is not helping. Scoured through this forum for this kind of error, but cannot find any help.

[06:08:53] Using gulpfile /src/exponent/tools-public/gulpfile.js
[06:08:53] Starting ‘android-shell-app’…
[stderr] [06:08:57] ‘android-shell-app’ errored after 4.03 s
[stderr] [06:08:57] Error: write EPIPE
[stderr] at _errnoException (util.js:1021:11)
[stderr] at WriteWrap.afterWrite (net.js:860:14)

[stderr] [22:44:54] ‘ios-shell-app’ errored after 35 s
[stderr] [22:44:54] Error: write EPIPE
[stderr] at _errnoException (util.js:1041:11)
[stderr] at WriteWrap.afterWrite (net.js:858:14)

what’s your username and what is the app slug?


ok i passed this on to people who work on this but you may not have an answer until monday, depending on their availability. if you need to build this before then, you can follow the steps outlined here – warning: this isn’t very easy if you’ve never built a project for ios/android using native tools

thank you @notbrent

Hi @wansaleh. I found the errors in our logs. As brent said, we’re going to investigate more on Monday, but I notice from your app’s manifests that you have over two thousand bundled assets. You may have the only expo app with that many, and you definitely have the only one that has this build error (I checked), so if you don’t want to wait for us to investigate, I suggest trying to build with a drastically reduced number of bundled assets.

@nicknovitski thank you for taking the time to check the logs. WOW! :astonished: > 2000 bundled assets? By asset do you mean the images only or is it including the JS files? Because I’m pretty sure (I might be wrong) there are only five locally required and loaded images during app startup.

I think it’s the javascripts. There’s too many included npm ‘react-native-xxxx’ packages included. Even I can’t possibly know which one is the culprit.

Why does the app runs so well in the XDE and with exp start, published successfully, but it failed miserably to build.

Actually I really need your help to investigate which part of the code is the culprit. I will also try to reduce my app’s size by removing non essential npm packages.

Tqvm in advance.

Hi guys. I don’t know how to proceed because I don’t know where the error’s coming from.

It’s 2618 total, and it looks like mostly png files and a few ttf ones. Javascript files aren’t considered “assets,” but code. You can see them for yourself, in your manifest file, under bundledAssets.

We’re still planning on investigating this ourselves today. In the meantime, do you know if any of those react native packages include a large collection of image files?

Looking at a few of the images at random, most seem to be icons of various kinds, including many flags.

The offending package is “react-native-flags” which has over 2000 pngs of various countries and flag sizes. Now I’m able to build without problems. The bundledAssets is now down to 32. (Fonts and some images)

Thank you so much for your help @nicknovitski & @notbrent. Long live Expo & React Native!!

I’m so glad you found it.

The build agent should handle this sort of situation better (at the very least by giving a more informative error), but in the meantime it seems we can’t support building that package, or any others that include that many assets.

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