Help: babel-plugin-dotenv, can't resolve module fs

I’m getting the following new error when attempting to bundle my app and load on my iPhone:
While trying to resolve module fsfrom file/Users/joannatomassoni/Documents/op-spark/senior/dive/client/node_modules/babel-plugin-dotenv/index.js, the package /Users/joannatomassoni/Documents/op-spark/senior/dive/client/node_modules/fs/package.jsonwas successfully found. However, this package itself specifies amain module field that could not be resolved (/Users/joannatomassoni/Documents/op-spark/senior/dive/client/node_modules/fs/index.js.

Here’s what my babel.config() file looks like:
module.exports = function(api) {
return {
presets: [

I’m running expo v 36.

still not understand all the problem. tellpopeyes

Sorry for not being more clear. If anyone runs into a similar problem, I found that deleting my node_modules, running yarn, then running expo start -c (to clear cache) helped me solve the issue.