Have background audio auto-start on ios

SDK 41 Managed

On apps like whatsapp…if you are playing spotify and you start playing an audio message, spotify will fade out completely. When you stop the audio message, it fades back in completely.


One is stopping the background audio (great!) but then doesn’t start playing it again after your app stops.

Another one “ducks” the audio, but makes it hard to hear the message.

I’ve seen that it is possible in other apps on ios…but for some reason cannot achieve this affect with Expo.

Also, when recording from the camera, I’ve noticed that on iOS with the INTERRUPTION_MODE_IOS_DUCK_OTHERS setting, it will stop background audio and not bring it back at all, whereas with audio, the background audio does come back.

Am I missing something or is this just a limitation of Expo Managed?

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