App stops music player on start

Hi everyone!

I have build a phone app with Expokit (expo v 32). And for some reason when i open the app (if i have music playing) the music stops.
Inside my app i use the Expo Audio library inside expo to play voicemails. I think maybe it something about this.

I tried adding at the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions the following lines:

let audioSession = AVAudioSession.sharedInstance()
if audioSession.isOtherAudioPlaying {
    _ = try? audioSession.setCategory(AVAudioSession.Category.ambient, options: AVAudioSession.CategoryOptions.mixWithOthers)

But with no results.
Once my app is opened it doesnt stop the sound anymore, (if i play a song in spotify with my app on background and change to foreground it doesnt stop the music)

Any idea?

If you are thinking of launching an application in the market then you should surely do a Mobile Application Testing before launching it. Check if the app is working fine or not or it has any kind of bug in it.

Hey @fcaride,

You’ll want to customize the Audio settings as mentioned here.