Handling of opening push notification on Android

On Android the Expo.Notifications.addListener doesn’t see when I open the notification message (I expect to get an object where origin = 'selected' ).
On IOS all work correctly.
When push message is coming I see an object with origin = 'received'.

Who is knows - how to fix it or what I should do to handling opening of notification on Android?

hey, would you mind posting your notification code in an expo snack? it helps to debug bc we can isolate the issue and see exactly whats going on :smile:

if you think seeing an example would be useful, I made a notifications demo app with sample code for push & local notifications.

I have a similar issue, but possibly different issue.

It happens because Android groups the push notifications at around 4 notifications. Clicking on a group doesn’t trigger the notification listener. I haven’t been able to find a way to force android not to group notifications.

Notifications are working fine for single notifications.

Hi @kuzmenko_umbrella, any update with that ? im getting the same issue with SDK 29, I need to differentiate when it is a received (when the app is in the foreground) of when it is selected (when the app is in the background and opens the app), it only happens on standalone mode in iOS it works perfectly.