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I use expo notifification, with ios, the notification is not received when the app is open, but with android the notification is displayed, do you have a solution for android to received notification only when the app not opened, like IOS ?

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For exemple in chat, we receive the message on live with a notification in more.

Hey @kevin.vuillemin,

You can use a combination of RN’s AppState API and Expo’s Notifications.addListener to dismiss notifications. Here’s the code I’ve implemented to do so:

In componentDidMount:

this.notificationSubscription = Notifications.addListener(

The Handler:

handleNotification = notification => {
    let { origin, data } = notification;
    if (origin === "received" && this.state.appState === "active") {
      if (Platform.OS === "android") {
    } else {




Thank for you reply, but if the app is running in the background, the notifications is not received too ?

Can you elaborate on what you mean? If the app is running in the background, this.state.appState === "background" so it won’t be dismissed if that’s what you’re wondering.

Ok thank you a lot, I try and I tell you again.

Your solution works very well.

Thanks again.

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