Google sign in issue on sdk 31

After upgrading to sdk31, getting weird problems with google sign in. i had this code that was working fine earlier

return Google.logInAsync({
          scopes: ['profile', 'email']

basically, behavior was set to default (which effectively web on expo client and system on standalone). but it doesn’t work on sdk 31. with this i’m getting (ios simulator)

Your app is missing support for following url schemes…

refers to iosClientId url.

if I put this for behavior property:

__DEV__ ? 'web' : 'system',

it works on iOS simulator but gives following error on android standalone

Status{statusCode=unknown status code: 12500, resolution=null}

However, if I put web it works on both places. Any idea? I prefer to use system for standalone.

thanks in advance

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Hey @rajuru,

This sounds like it’s a bug rather than an implementation issue on your end. Would you mind creating an issue ticket here with all the relevant information and code you can provide?



Sure, I’ll create an issue over github. Thanks

I’m having the same issue. Apparently you have to add the reversed client Id to the Xcode project. However, expo is dealing with the Xcode side for us. So I believe, this needs to be done by them.

A detailed explanation of what needs to be done is below:

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