Google.logInAsync error : Your app is missing support for the following URL schema


Since the upgrade to the latest 31 version, I can not login with google anymore in ios simulator(sign in works with android device!). The error message: Your app is missing support for the following URL schema…

Could someone help me resolve this issue? Many thanks

I’m having the same issue. Apparently you have to add the reversed client Id to the Xcode project. However, expo is dealing with the Xcode side for us. So I believe, this needs to be done by them.

Read the end of:

I had this issue the other day. I was able to fix it by adding:

to my app.json, where the blacked out bit is my client ID.

Thanks for your reply. I have tried it and still got the same error when launching ios simulator from expo. Is this solution only for standalone ios app?

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