Good Session replay tool / plugin

From my initial research, I haven’t found a good production redux session logging tool that works with expo in a managed workflow. Logrocket is slick but requires bare workflow and doesn’t support iOS. Openreplay is also promising but doesn’t have any react native support at this time.

React native debugger has built in redux support but I couldn’t find any ready to go host your own solution leveraging it or it’s components to monitor more than one user session. It’s very development focused.

Sentry also isn’t quite the right tool for the job.

What have other expo users used?

Hi @itslittlejohn

This is actually no longer true. It should work with EAS Build because they have written a Config Plugin for it. It won’t work with the Expo Go app, but you can build a Custom Dev Client which is like Expo Go, but with your dependencies built in (even if they need native code):