Instabug or other bug/crash logging service support

I am a software developer primarily versed in web development. I work in the enterprise software development industry. Currently, my company relies heavily on Cordova & Ionic to develop hybrid mobile applications. We are REALLY looking forward to where React Native is going and our web team already uses React on a daily basis. I have yet to evaluate whether or not Expo will make for a good replacement for our current pipeline, but from what I’ve seen so far I am very impressed. It is critical that we be able to handle client feedback and address bugs in a timely manner. We currently use Instabug for both beta testing and collecting client feedback. I’m wondering if Expo is looking to have Instabug integrated into the Expo dev pipeline or if there is a similar methodology for addressing client feedback and crashing directly in-app. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards!

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We’re adding support for Sentry soon, see this thread: Best error service to use with Expo currently?. That should handle the crash reporting requirement.

We don’t include anything similar to Instabug in terms of bug reporting/in app chat. If you want to use Instabug you could detach and then use

Seems like a custom built RESTful API could easily handle client feedback. That is one of the most important features for the company I work for. We are looking into using Expo in our pipeline and would most likely build our own solution for client feedback. However, an out-of-box solution would be a great thing to have on the Expo roadmap! :wink:

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Yes definitely agree! We have a lot of other features that are probably higher priority but want to add an out-of-the-box solution eventually.

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Hey guys!

It’s been a year since the last discussion about including Instabug into Expo.

When I search on the Expo search bar for Instabug, it appears under the “EXPO COMPATIBLE LIBRARIES” section. However, using it did not seem to work.

Has it been included yet? (Otherwise… I’m simply doing something wrong :confused: )


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