getCalendarsAsync crash on Android

I have “expo”: “^33.0.0”, and “expo-calendar”: “~5.0.1”.
Permissions are checked and established.
On a physical device (Android and IOS)

On Android, const calendars = await Calendar.getCalendarsAsync(); crashes with no error - entire Expo app bombs back to desktop. IOS works fine and I receive back the calendar objects. Android crashes hard with no error in the console.

So - if I delete my Google account from my Android phone - it works. If I re-enable the Google account, it works. So there is something up with the Google / Gmail accounts that expo deals with.

I can’t realistically ask my users to Delete / Re-install their google accounts just to get my Expo app to work.

Anyone? I’ve updated to v35 and the issue still exists. As noted above, I can’t expect users to delete their gmail accounts from their phone just to get the calendar addition to work.

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